Last weekend on the street

Sept 15  Sept 15

A few photos from last weekends action on the street. Vegetable Bake, Spicy Plantain, Pea and Mint Salad, Carrot and Cardamom Salad, Fruity Fritters amongst other treats. Much conversation about the Arms Fair in London (happening as we speak), and the campaign against it, as well as a Calais collection point in the Food Not Bombs Corner.

Sept 15  Sept 15
Sept 15 Sept 15 Sept 15 Sept 15

Summer with Food Not Bombs Southampton

Food Not Bombs UK Camp (48)

This summer we’ve been on the street sharing food once-a-month like usual, and managed to fit in a few other events too. Catering lunch for The ‘Other’ Armed Forces Day was a highlight – an event largely organized by some of our local FNB folk. We also were lucky enough to arrange and attend a UK Food Not Bombs Camp. We met others from other chapters, shared ideas, food, laughter and produced banners together. We hope to repeat the camp at a time when more people can come along.. perhaps later this fall.

June 15 Aug 15

May 15 May 15

May 15

We’ll be sharing food on the street at the Palmerston Park/Yates/KFC crossroads on Sept 5th, the first Saturday of the month as usual.

See you then x

May 15 May 15

The 'Other' Armed Forces day  The 'Other' Armed Forces day

Food Not Bombs UK Camp (3)

Food Not Bombs International Woman’s Day Workshop, in March

Food share on the street, plus additional Women’s International Workshop.

March 2015 March 2015

A phenomenal day despite missing regulars for menu planning however we managed fine, we were flooded with handson help with Bryn, Sarah, Sarah (musical), Phil, Sam and some old friends too. All in all we turned out a good lot of decent street grub. Thai Curry (absolutelyflippindeliious), and the pie pastry was good too both lots (Thanks Lindsay and Matt) – all of it went.We are upping our practice since our Cardiff trip where some great tips were learnt for sure.
There was an International Women’s Day workshop in a women’s space in the park. It went well with strong poetry and inspiring stories and personal reflections.

March 2015 March 2015

Cook up for Food Not Bombs at Newlands today – Celebrating on the street.
Food Not Bombs Southampton Serving up in Southampton at the crossroads by Sprinkles, Palmerston Park and Fabric(of life)Land with tasty morsels i.e. Thai Curry and veggie shortcut pastry pie and a sandwich board on the menu today from 1pm.

Come out on the streets to Celebrate the Sunshine, the Environment and International Women of strength today.

Refreshing our memories about inspiring women including Wangari Matthai, Harriet Tubman, Martha N. and conspire with others for a better world.

Les x

March 2015

Books Not Bombs


This past weekend, Food Not Bombs turned up for feeding and fluidarity at Burgess Library in Southampton. Their have been ongoing council threats to cut funding and close the PUBLIC library, which has led to celebration of the written word. People gathered together to read, speak, listen (and eat), to show Southampton City Council how much the library is loved and used. We resist all plans to drop any ‘local bombshells’ on Southampton… Burgess is only one of five libraries facing closure.
Keep the public libraries public.

10959623_434231333395914_1817255418752130009_n  1374914_434228503396197_1966429948158510788_n

Comment from Burgess Road Library Buddies:

For Reading Out LOUD! was brilliant. Thank you to the more than 500 people who came through the door today to say KEEP our library. To everyone who read out LOUD over the six hours – you were terrific, and al
l those who listened and joined in. Wow – all the groups who use the library and came to show what it means – the Toy Library, the Spanish group, the Homework group, the health and wellbeing group, our local councillors and candidates, all the children, mums, dads, friends, The Food Not Bombs group for being there today and feeding us. You are stars. Thank you – and thanks to our fabulous library staff – our Cath and Fran, Patsy and Louise, for the wonderful service and unique atmosphere of Burgess Road Library, today and every day (that you’re open). What would we do without you?

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Are you annoying?

On January 3rd, our monthly action allowed us to get out onto the street, share food and highlight the absurdity of new legislation criminalizing the homeless (and much, much more). The Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 also puts groups like Food Not Bombs at risk, as occupying a public space could possibly be experienced as a ‘nuisance’ or ‘annoyance’, and is therefore subject to the same prosecutions as homelessness. More on this from us later….

An enjoyable cooking session, with lots of relaxed but serious Food Not Bombs chatter. Many posters made for our Rice Up display. Winter weather on the street. One big pot of soup. Two locations… the second for shelter from drizzly skies. Transformation of a public space and invaluable conversation – when people felt brave enough to pause in the winter cold.

We will be holding a public meeting in Rice Up Wholefoods on Monday 12th, 630pm to invite new people to get involved and discuss new legislation that threatens us all.

*We will be looking at this article at the meeting

Food Not Bombs in Rice Up

For the month of January, Food Not Bombs is occupying Rice Up‘s Community Corner. The display will be added to throughout the month, with public participation coming soon. Feel free to check it out, share your thoughts, ask questions and get involved. We will have an open meeting in Rice Up in a couple weeks time, where you can join us for discussion. New people always welcome!

Reclaim The Night

FNB reclaim the night

In November, Food Not Bombs Southampton supported Reclaim The Night for safe streets; free from sexual, gender-based, racist violence, and bombing. We shared a Moroccan Tagine with couscous, and a selection of cookies in Guildhall Square. Feeding people before the march, we were gathered by many, and accompanied by a local drumming group. Many thanks to a members from Food Not Bombs Cardiff for joining us on their stop in the city. So great to connect!

Food against TTIP and amplified war on the middle east..

We collect, meet, chop, cook, share and eat in opposition of TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership), NHS privatisation and US/UK airstrikes in the Middle East. This time, tons of fried okra, spicy spinach and mushrooms, roasted peppers and eggplant, rice and some carrot, orange and chocolate cake balls! We also distributed fruit, veg and other groceries for people to take with them. Community meals in solidarity, conversation generation, non-violence, food waste reduction, an invitation to pause, an invitation to connect, to act, to eat, to think…

FNB  FNB  img_9704.jpg